Every moment of life is a new page… A new day, a new dream, a new beginning…

We, as the Dival family, have believed in new beginnings for more than 40 years; we are opening a new page to your brand stories with original, permanent and aesthetic concepts.

High Quality

Quality is indispensable for us. We know so do you. With this awareness, we aim for 100% perfect production.

Brand Ambassador Products

Every brand has a corporate spirit and culture. We design brand ambassador products that will strengthen your brand's image in every detail and represent it in every lane.

Flexible Production

In addition to high-volume orders from Dival brands, we make tailor-made products for small businesses starting from 100 pieces.

Special Projects

In addition to the rich product options we offer as standard, we offer ideal solutions for your difficult and complex projects. We are with you in the production of unusual corporate gifts.

Dival Project creates unique and corporate products specific to the brand, taking into account the briefs and requests of its customers. Here, beyond the previously determined standard products and working principles; Designs emerge with the “customer + Dival” partnership.

Every new page you open with Dival Project has your story…
Because Dival Project designs your dreams.


Dival Gift combines boxes that will touch your sense of pleasure and make people feel special, according to different needs, and present it to its customers with an aesthetic, stylish and environmentally friendly gift concept. It creates big effects from small gifts by prioritizing customer experiences.

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