Cover Materials



Reflecting the personal touch to your corporate notebook with customization options. Brand-specific notebook making tricks for those looking for corporate gift ideas…

Cover Branding

Good customization requires much more than you can do with a stock product. Hence customization is often implemented right from the start of the production process. So the cover is the first element of a notebook that meets the eye of the customer. In order to define your brand the best way sometimes all you need is just an elegant logo whereas other times a finish that spreads over the whole surface of the cover of the notebook would do the job.

You can choose among various customization options we offer for any cover material you pick.

Inner Pad

Inner Pad is where the brand message is conveyed deeply thanks to the customizations without borders – giving you more than just a notebook…


Smart touches that increase functionality turn your notebook into an indispensable object for your audience.


Presentation is important as gift itself. You can pick more quality & prestigious promotional products. After an attentive production process, we both preserve & prepare your notebooks to a flamboyant presentation.