Dival Project creates unique and corporate products specific to the brand, taking into account the briefs and requests of its customers. Here, beyond the previously determined standard products and working principles; Designs emerge with the “customer + Dival” partnership.

Every new page you open with Dival Project has your story…
Because Dival Project designs your dreams.


Customization Options

Our standard is to go beyond standard patterns…

As Dival, we reshape the dozens of different options we offer you according to your corporate needs and dreams.

We carry your preferred products from a wide range of products beyond the standards with different customization options.

Special Projects

At Dival, you are free to dream…

Each brand's story and corporate needs are different. We know this.
With the partnership of Dival + Brand, we create completely company-specific, different and innovative projects.
Because every product imagined at Dival becomes reality.

Pre-Designed Products

There is Dival design and experience in every detail…

Our products, which we have created with Dival experience, offer qualified solutions to your company's corporate needs.
Every product bearing the signature of Dival, from notebook to diary, presented with different, original, contemporary and functional designs, is ready to turn a new page with your brand!